The magical mobile puzzle game by Wooga: creators of the hugely-popular June’s Journey. To celebrate the much anticipated launch, Wooga asked us to craft an enchanting multi-platform campaign, and we worked our magic!


  1. Raise awareness of Switchcraft (and it’s inclusive, progressive, LGBTQ+ messaging)
  2. Drive downloads/positive reviews of the game!


  • Find creators that speak to, and represent the target audience and drill down.
  • Advocating a multi-platform approach, cherry pick a diverse range of creative influencers to make eye-grabbingly magical content.
  • Front-load an October-December campaign in time for Halloween, to align with the game’s theme – and capitalise on seasonal trends.
  • A longertail approach on YouTube, with evergreen content driving long-term ROI, complimented by short form pieces on TikTok for brand awareness, and finally, Instagram stories as a cherry on top.



total views across platforms


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Bonus Result

12+ pieces of content for use by the developers UA team.

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