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My Talking Tom 2 x Beast Philanthropy

Talking Tom & Friends


Outfit7 is renowned for the “Talking Tom and Friends” mobile app franchise, specializing in interactive apps with anthropomorphic animal characters, pet simulations, mini-games, and animated series. With billions of downloads globally, Outfit7 leads in engaging mobile entertainment.


“My Talking Tom 2” is a pet simulation game where players care for the mischievous Talking Tom. Teach him skills, feed him, explore new worlds, and enjoy endless fun. Since 2013, Talking Tom remains a beloved character in mobile gaming.



To celebrate Talking Tom’s 10th Birthday, Outfit7 collaborated with Cherry Pick Talent to partner with YouTube’s MrBeast. The campaign aimed to boost “My Talking Tom 2” downloads through engaging and shareable content, leveraging MrBeast’s massive reach and philanthropic initiatives.



  1. Drive downloads of “My Talking Tom 2” by engaging a global audience.
  2. Form a high-impact partnership with MrBeast for greater reach.
  3. Align with Beast Philanthropy for a meaningful cause, resonating with the values of Outfit7’s target audience.







MrBeast, aka Jimmy Donaldson, was chosen for his engaging content and philanthropic efforts through Beast Philanthropy. His strong audience loyalty and recognition made him the ideal partner to amplify the campaign’s reach and impact.





  • Social Media Engagement: Talking Tom wished MrBeast a happy birthday via TikTok and YouTube Shorts, prompting viewers to tag MrBeast.
  • In-Game Integration: MrBeast responded by gifting an exclusive in-game outfit, available for two weeks to drive urgency and player engagement.
  • Philanthropic Effort: A 60-second YouTube spot on Beast Philanthropy showcased the collaboration, with Outfit7’s donation supporting the CURE International Children’s Hospital, providing life-changing surgeries and medical appointments.


This partnership was a resounding success, garnering substantial engagement, and sending Beast Philanthropy’s video to #10 on the Trending list. Leveraging MrBeast’s IP, Outfit7 created various promotional materials shared across social media and in-game, enhancing visibility and driving a surge in “My Talking Tom 2” installs and daily active users.

This partnership not only celebrated Talking Tom’s 10th Birthday but also fostered a deeper connection with Outfit 7’s target audience.

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