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Solitaire Grand Harvest  x SJP Giveaways



Playtika is a leading mobile gaming company renowned for creating immersive and engaging experiences for players worldwide. They boast a diverse portfolio of top-grossing games, with exciting gameplay mechanics, stunning graphics, and social features that foster community.


Solitaire Grand Harvest, one of Playtika’s standout titles, is a twist on the classic solitaire game that combines strategic card gameplay with farm-themed elements. Players can plant and harvest crops to earn rewards and advance through levels.

In 2024, Playtika teamed up with fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker for a television advertisement, immersing the renowned city girl in country life


Leveraging Solitaire Grand Harvest’s TV partnership with Sarah Jessica Parker, we engaged 11 creators to deliver high-quality content aimed to drive game installs. By utilizing Instagram’s Automatic DMs, we innovatively and effectively engaged users – Creators simply encouraged followers to comment “WIN” to be sent a custom download link via direct message.


Our aim was to simplify communication with well-chosen talking points, allowing creators to naturally integrate SGH endorsements into their content. This authenticity encouraged genuine engagement and game downloads.




In addition, we secured our classically Cherry Pick “follow-up frames,” in which creators follow up their initial Instagram story set with a reminder frame a few days later, scooping up any stragglers late to download!

To top it all off, thanks to Cherry Pick’s longstanding relationship with all the creators selected for this campaign, we went the extra mile and scored an extra 25 content pieces from 9 out of the 11 talent.



This campaign far exceeded our wildest expectations, over-delivering on all fronts, converting to our lowest EVER CPI with Playtika in 3 years!

While the giveaway items and auto DM mechanic were instrumental in driving these results, the stripped-back talking points and giveaway-led content proved integral for success.

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