Fortnite Chapter 3

One of the biggest brands in the world and creators of the global phenomenon Fortnite.

We’d only just wrapped up a campaign with Epic Games when they came a-knockin’ on our door again for one of their biggest campaigns yet: Fortnite Chapter 3!

Whilst Chapter 3 was going to be a huge event for gamers across the world, it was a moment for reflection on the good times. Big things were happening on ‘The Island’ and it was our job to get the world talking about their favourite Fortnite memories with #FortniteForever.


  1. Build anticipation amongst the gaming world for Fortnite Chapter 3.
  2. Hint at the storyline in which The Island Gets Flipped Upside Down.
  3. Engage all kinds of Fortnite players: from current fans to lapsed players in need of reminding just how good Fortnite is.


(We actually delivered our solution in the form of a special video message, full of journalists, hackers and newsreaders… who looked remarkably similar to our CPT Team…)

  • Cherry picked talent with as much variety as Fortnite fans themselves on
    various platforms. Partnering with creators across 6 markets.
  • From simple light-touch hashtags to fully-fledged dedicated videos, we worked with creators to find ways to get them involved across the spectrum!
  • Create the #fortniteforever hashtag and get it all over social media, to remind ‘lapsed’ players what they’ve been missing!


#FortniteForever hashtag grew from 12,300,000 to 75,900,000 views.


total views across TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook





Bonus Result

  • We reached one of the lowest CPMs we’ve ever achieved for a campaign of this size.
  • We moved straight onto the next big Epic campaign!

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