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The “Influencification”of Hollywood

March 28, 2024

The “Influencification”of Hollywood

Content creators are increasingly becoming a fixture in Hollywood’s prestigious red-carpet events, igniting an online debate about the drawbacks of influencers replacing journalists. This shift has left many nostalgic for the allure of exclusive, “old Hollywood” glamour.

In recent years, Hollywood’s red carpet scene has undergone a significant shift as influencers, especially TikTokers, replace traditional journalists. This change has sparked debates, with artists like Billie Eilish expressing concerns about their presence at prestigious events like the Oscars and People’s Choice Awards.

The debate intensified when TikTokker Harry Daniels posed a frivolous question to actress America Ferrera, highlighting the stark contrast between entertainment-focused content and the substantive questions typically posed by journalists. Journalists have taken to their social media pages to express frustration at the encroachment of influencers on journalistic spaces, citing concerns about professionalism and the diminishing quality of reporting.

However, the rise of influencers on the red carpet reflects broader shifts in media consumption habits, with younger audiences increasingly turning to social media personalities for entertainment and news. Studios recognize the influence of digital trends to drive engagement and have thus incorporated influencers into their promotional strategies.

Yet, the presence of influencers alongside A-list celebrities has raised questions about the integrity of these events. While some defend influencers as essential to modern media, others caution against prioritizing viral content over substantive journalism. As the industry navigates evolving trends and economic challenges, the role of influencers on the red carpet remains a contentious topic.

Creators are transforming red carpet culture, one award show at a time.