Fortnite x Dragon Ball

In August of 2022, two worlds collided, bringing iconic heroes and villains of Dragon Ball onto the Fortnite Island.

One of the most anticipated collaborations in Fortnite's history, this pop culture moment drew together anime fans and gaming fans alike. The island hasn't seen a power level like it!


To spread the word with a campaign worthy of Goku and the gang dropping into Fortnite! We knew that this would be a huge moment for fans of both anime and gaming alike and so we set out to find creators who are vocal about their love of these worlds.


We partnered with incredibly talented Visual/Special Effects creators as well as artists and anime fans to create their own Dragon Ball inspired content. They showed us what they would look like in the world of Fortnite and Dragon Ball, leading to some truly incredible content.







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Bonus Results

These views were achieved across just 15 creators, with creativity levels off the charts. One creator even wrote a song to celebrate the moment, complete with a music video created in Fortnite!

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