Fall Guys Free for All Launch

Fall Guys was first released on Playstation in August 2020 and became an instant hit, breaking records by becoming the Playstation Store’s most downloaded game of ALL TIME!

After Epic Games acquisition in March 2021, they injected pure excitement across the internet in June of 2022, when they brought pure madness to the blunderdome through the release of the record breaking game on ALL platforms and turning it free for all to enjoy!!


To raise mass awareness and excitement around the HUGE news that Fall Guys was now free for all, available across all platforms. The goal was to reach unknowing fans, new players who had yet to fall for Fall Guys, lapsed players that may have left the game and existing players who could now enjoy exciting new game updates including cross-play where they could play with their friends across various devices!


Fall Guys is a frenzied royale tournament and as such we set out to find artistic and comedic creators on TikTok to convey the fun, humorous and competitive nature of the Fall Guys Blunderdome. Utilizing gaming + gaming news channels to reach the existing and lapsed audiences and comedy, lifestyle and artists to spread the exciting news to a wide spread and diverse new audience!







thousand comments and shares

Bonus results

  • Over delivering on views by 173%.
  • Additionally, we secured a YouTube partnership with the legendary Mr Beast.
  • Whilst the campaign was running, Fall Guys amassed 50 million active players across all gaming platforms.

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