Who We Are

Our reputation in the industry speaks louder than words! We're proud of the killer content
and amazing results we deliver our clients every damn day!

A tailored service

Cherry Pick prides itself on its relationships – we aren’t in the game for short-term wins. The global brands we represent trust our clear and honest knowledge of the space.
Influencer marketing should be a key component to all marketing plans, not an add-on, and we know how to make campaigns that no one skips.

“The recipe for success starts with my team of total superstars who love what they do, are passionate about creating content that people want to watch and care about a successful outcome for our clients.

Pepper in fantastic talent who are perfectionists and want to blow our clients' minds and our clients and brands reap the rewards! Before starting Cherry Pick in 2016 I knew the influencer marketing space was flawed; it was an awful experience for clients, talent and those trying to get the deals done. But we've flipped it on it's head and put the focus on finding the right and the best talent for every single campaign, that changes every single time. But don't just take it from me.

Ask the creators and the brands what they think and they'll spill the tea!!”

BrittFounder and CEO

Brittany Bagnall

Founder and CEO

Keelyn Lewis

Chief Operating Officer

Jody Flanagan

Senior VP, UK

Niki Albon

Head of Creative, UK

Chelsea Beyerman

VP Partnerships, US

Amy Newman

Head of Partnerships, UK

Melisa Hasan

Head of Partnerships, UK

Elizabeth Brent

Senior Influencer Marketing Manager, US

Kate Nouhan

Influencer Marketing Manager, US

Alice Chandler

Influencer Marketing Manager, UK

Kelliane Thach

Influencer Marketing Manager, US

June Nguyen Vincent

Junior Campaign & Creative Strategist, US

Shantelle Watts

Finance & Culture Manager, UK

Cal Salida

Influencer Marketing Manager, UK

Matt Valdez

Influencer Marketing Manager, US