At Cherry Pick Talent,
we do just that…
We pride ourselves on our precision in selecting the right influencers for your campaign.

While MCNs select from a finite pool of talent, we pick the talent, work through the creative, broker the deal, manage post-production and measure the campaign’s success; we’re free to apply our objective, data-driven selection process to an ‘infinity pool’ of talent worldwide.

Combined with our fast-forming, long-lasting, ever-growing relationships – with creators, agents and managers alike – we’re able to look beyond the biggest, the blatant or the biased; and always to the best.

Holding your hand as much as you want from start to finish, we pick the talent, broker the deals, manage the post-production and measure the campaign’s success.

That’s why, when it comes to influencer marketing – whether you’re a seasoned professional, or totally new to this world – for the full service, make Cherry Pick Talent your final pit stop.

Worldwide fame and massive followings mean nothing without an engaged audience or the ability to tell them your story.


Subscribers: 4,000,000
Average Views: 700,000
Location: UK
Our Project

The F2

Subscribers: 5.9 million
Average Views: 1,500,000
Location: UK
Our Project


Subscribers: 11.8 million
Average Views: 1,200,000
Location: UK
Our Project

Helen Anderson

Subscribers: 50,000
Average Views:
Location: UK
Our Project


Subscribers: 7.7 million
Average Views: 3,500,000
Location: AUS
Our Project

Niki N Sammy

Subscribers: 200,000
Average Views: 10,000
Location: UK
Our Project

Dan & Phil Games

Subscribers: 2.9 million
Average Views: 1,200,000
Location: UK
Our Project

The Saccone Jolys

Subscribers: 1.8 million
Average Views: 300,000
Location: IRE
Our Project

Kitties Mama

Subscribers: 2 million
Average Views: 150,000
Location: USA
Our Project

JoJo Siwa

Subscribers: 3.8 million
Average Views: 900,000
Location: USA
Our Project

Denis Daily

Subscribers: 2,600,000
Average Views: 500,000
Location: CAN
Our Project

Ebony Day

Subscribers: 250,000
Average Views: 25,000
Location: UK
Our Project


Whatever industry you work in, we will have the best fit and know where to find them.

*we are adding more all the time


International talent

(If you want them, we know them!), Headquartered in London, England with offices in Canada and the U.S. Over 5+ years in the Influencer Marketing Industry.

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