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Our In-House Studio

Our in-house development team extends our expertise beyond influencers, encompassing the entire spectrum of creators. We build bridges between game developers and brands to seamlessly integrate into gaming moments, creating enduring touch-points for audiences.

In-Game Builds

Tap into some of the most popular games out there, from Fortnite Creative islands to Roblox and top worldwide mobile games. We assist you in identifying the ideal game fit for your brand based on your KPIs and target audience demographics.


Creative Strategy

Our team supports you every step of the way to ensure an integration that people will want to engage with. We prioritize integrating your brand in a manner that enhances the player experience and aligns seamlessly with gameplay, fostering positive sentiment. We will guide you through this process!

Production and Play-Testing

Cherry Pick Gaming will support you through the entire production process, bringing your brand into the gaming world. With multiple production milestones, QA, and testing, our team ensures a seamless experience, enabling you to effectively engage with players worldwide.

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Data and Analysis

We understand that performance is crucial for the success of any partnership. Together, we will define the metrics for success and share available data along with our analysis. This will help you understand the impact of your campaign and enhance your gaming strategy moving forward.


Unite with our expertise in influencer, under Cherry Pick Talent, to amplify and expand the reach of your in-game experience beyond CCUs. Influencers will join the mix and share your in-game additive moment with their audiences in their natural tone.


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Our work

Our award-winning campaigns are powered by creativity and the strong relationships we have with creators around the world. Our team has ideated and executed across industries, targeted at all demographics and markets.