Fortnite Zero Build

In March 2022, the world of Fortnite changed forever with a new way to play Battle Royale!

Fortnite fans experienced a game without building, and found brand new forms of mobility at their disposal! Whether choosing to team up with a friend or go into battle solo, it was a true test of skill and traversal ability!


To hype up Fornite’s new Zero Build battle royale and introduce lapsed players to the game who may have left Fortnite for a more traditional First Person Shooter (FPS), or had never dabbled in Fortnite because the building aspect was not for them. Zero Build offered a new way for players  to showcase their FPS gaming skills along with brand new items.


We recruited traditional FPS gamers on TikTok and YouTube to show their style and flare in this new Battle Royale game mode battle. Players were asked to use their personal touch and authentic style to show off all the newly introduced mechanics such as sprinting and vaulting over obstacles. By working with non-Fortnite gamers, we saw gamers have their misconceptions of the game challenged!







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Creators found a new love of the game and multiple influencers from the campaign went on to create organic Zero Build content after positive reaction from their audience! Plus, videos in both the TikTok and longform portion of this campaign went VIRAL!

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