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Fortnite is well known for their Battle Royale game and its countless fans it amassed over the last 5 years. But there’s more to Fortnite than getting a Victory Royale at the end of the game. What would it be like to create your own Island? With Creator Made Islands, Fortnite is at your fingertips; craft a vision into reality and see just how far your skills and imagination can take you.


To bring the casual Battle Royale player and other variety gamers to Fortnite to experience the countless games and creativity available through Fortnite Creator Made Islands.


Focusing on the diversity and creativity of Creator Made Islands, we gathered creators of all sizes who had a precedent for playing different games to introduce new and existing players to the possibilities available within Fortnite. Every Island had a different theme and story giving an opportunity for all kinds of players to try one of their favorites.







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