"Britt and her team have always gone the extra mile when it comes our influencer programme, from building lists of potential influencers, to suggesting creative, to negotiating costs, to making sure the influencers hit our deadlines. They are proactive, aggressive when need be, straight-forward and unfailingly positive, even when faced with increasing demands. We very much enjoy working with Cherry Pick Talent and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them."


Why talk 15 minutes to 1000 idiots who call themselves agents, if one woman can give you all the answers under an hour?" That's how I summed up Britt Bagnall from CherryPick in a nutshell when chatting with coach Phil from Seriously about her services. He pretty much agreed. Britt has been my plug-in right-arm on all my campaigns, especially the big ones for which precision and "go big or go home" mentality were needed. Clients we have served together include A-listers such as Ubisoft, Eden Games & Pagani, and of course the Best Fiends x Ellen DeGeneres campaign, which will always remain our first one together. Love you, Britt.

Eden Games

"I worked with Britt and Joe during my organisation’s first ever YouTube/social campaign. I work for a large pharmaceutical company who are highly regulated and it was obvious that the talent that we wanted to work with were not used to having so many rules to follow or aware of the serious implications of not following them. Not only did Britt and Joe help us select the talent that would align best with our target audience, but Britt did an amazing job of translating why we needed to have so much oversight of the content to the talent we worked with. I believe Britt even spent a fun weekend reading the ABPI code of practice in order to do this – now that’s dedication! As a result the content produced was still innovative and in the unique style of the YouTuber, but also bang on message and completely compliant and approvable from our perspective. Britt and Joe managed the relationships expertly with regular updates and problem solving sessions with me and my team and then feeding back diplomatically to the talent. As a result we achieved an industry first – 6 videos from YouTubers in their own unique style with our key messages running through them and over 2 million views. Thanks guys – it was and always is a great experience working with you."


Britt masters the brief, always providing perfect talent options and the rational behind her choices. This has resulted in many famous campaigns together, with happy clients and repeat budgets. It helps that Britt is a pleasure to work with and loves her work; no obstacle is ever too big.


The team here at StyleHaul absolutely love working with Britt on various projects. She brings an amazing energy to everything she does and really understands the influencer space and how to execute really successful campaigns for brands. We look forward to continuing to do business with her in the future!


Britt's energy and enthusiasm hits you the first time you meet her. Her knowledge and understanding of the industry is second to none. Her ability to match the talent with what the client needs rather than just badging content with a brand is a skill many lack. Britt is easy and fun to work with, we have had many successful collaborations.

First For Fans

Brittany is a whirlwind of commercial success, media savvy, content awareness and the best friend to any brand or content creator you could have. ITN has worked with Brittany over many years in many roles – she’s been the face of our entertainment news and represented us from a commercial point view across the industry. There is no-one I would rather have on my side.


"Cherry Pick Talent are awesome! They work quickly, efficiently, and effectively + they know how to hustle. We always know we can count on the Cherry Pick team ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!"

Seriously Digital (Best Fiends)

"It would be easy for me to just say, "Cherry Pick Talent is the best!" and leave it at that without providing any context as to why because time is money and I'm a busy guy! But I assure you, Joe and his team are a group of special people that care about what they're doing and how they're doing it. They pay attention to the little things on both sides -- for the client and the talent, they are clear in their communication, which I believe is a lost art, and they take a great deal of pride in their professionalism so what am I trying to get at is...please don't work with them because that'll mean more great jobs and experiences for me! Okay, fine, work with them or whatever but don't say I didn't warn you about them being awesome at what they do." - Your favorite former U.S. Men's National Team player and current maker of internet, Jimmy Conrad"

Jimmy Conrad

"This whole process has been wonderful and Keelyn has been amazing to work with. Very responsive, incredible communication, and just always right on top of everything! Made it a wonderful experience! We are super stoked for more opportunities together!"

This is How We Bingham

"Cherry Pick is definitely my fave to work with because they know how to find a compromise between the creative and brand demands so well and are so understanding and cool. I get to be creative and they respect my ideas, with a lot of brands I feel like I am constantly trying to prove myself, but Cherry Pick has gone to bat for me and my creativity more than once. They really value me as an influencer and know that I understand what will resonate with my audience. It's such an easy and comfortable environment to work in. I wish more companies left campaigns in the hands of their influencers the way Cherry Pick does."

Stevie Boebi (YouTube Talent)

In my YouTube career, I’ve worked with lots of influencer agencies, and there is no better liaison than Cherry Pick Talent! They always compile the most thorough and organised briefs, communicate efficiently and effectively, and bring me brand opportunities that I’m truly excited about. It’s always a pleasure to work with them!

Kawaii SwKawaii Sweet (YouTuber)
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